Multiple Teams · GP in the News – Coach Sanchez

Coach Sanchez was recently featured in an article for being awarded the opportunity to go to the ABCA Virtual Convention. Coach was given this opportunity by the Minority Coaches Initiative who select leading candidates for their work in their community and on the field. Coach Sanchez was 1 of 5 selected for this opportunity in the nation and will represent Glendale Prep Baseball while attending the event. Congratulations Coach and thank you for all that you do in the community and for GP!

5 Award Recipients:

1. Jabari Brown, Graduate Assistant, Eastern Kentucky University

2. Jerry Bruce, Head Coach, Parkview (AR) High School

3. Jhonneris Mendez, Head Coach, Martha’s Vineyard Sharks; Assistant Coach, Curry College

4. Jeremiah Clark, Youth Coach, McKinney, Texas

5. Rafael Sanchez, Head Coach, Glendale (AZ) Prep; Head Coach


Congratulations Coach!