Griffins News · GP Athletic Department Updates

We have a lot of new and improved things in play right now with GP Athletics!

Here are some of the exciting changes you may already know about, but in case you didn’t…

  • We’ve added a new, larger shed to house our growing sports programs equipment.
  • And just this week, our new backstop went in for our softball and baseball teams to have a better use of space to practice at GP.
  • Our weight room and trainer area is reorganized for better efficiency for our athletes.
  • The gym’s equipment storage has newly added shelving and bins to keep our perishable gear organized and protected for our teams.
  • The GP Athletic Office has a fresh look with newly added photos of our athletes in action.
  • On the athletic fields we have a new sideline fence showing our school spirit, with a new GP Banner.
  • And last but not least, we have an official’s room for our referees before and after games in the gym.

As we kicked off our winter sports this week, we had a HUGE turnout of athletes at GP!  We’ve had High School Men’s & Women’s soccer practicing right alongside with our Middle School football, softball and baseball teams. While inside the gym, our Varsity Volleyball team was practicing for the playoffs! On the sidelines the Varsity Men’s and Women’s Basketball was getting ready for tryouts. It is a great time to be a Griffin!

I would love to hear your feedback, or if you have any questions or comments, please email me directly at

Steve Drake

Glendale Preparatory Athletic Director